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What Kind Of Copy Should We Write?

When copywriting for a SEO landing page focused on conversions, it is important to focus on one type of content. There are many great types of content for different types of customers, but blending does not work.

Eugene Schwartz came up with a model to help how to focus the message we are trying to communicate


Instead of trying to blend types of content and in turn losing customers in the process, this model helps focus your message at the right audience. Schwartz created a scale with five levels of consumer awareness. On one end you have the group who knows who you are and already wants to buy your product or service. On the other end, you have consumers who have no idea who you are and what problem you solve. Blending these would annoy the consumer who just wants to know the new product and price and confuse the consumer who doesn’t know enough about your product to make a decision.


Once you know who the audience is you can create the content that is best suited for them. For example, we work for an Auction company in the southwest, which is not a well-known industry in this part of the country. We write content for the unaware audience like “Why and how to buy at Auction,” “Types of Auctions,” and “How to get the best deal.” This educates the consumer on auctions and helps them become aware consumers.


On the other hand, we have another client who is a international data center provider. Their clients know exactly what they are looking for so we create content that is focused on the product and why their product is better than other data centers. When writing content for an audience who knows you already, be direct.

Focus keywords around what type of content is being created. Broad keywords might need problem aware and unaware content where-as specific keywords will use more product aware content. Understanding the audience is key.


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