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Google Universal Analytics Will Change The Way Businesses Use Data

Last month Google released Universal Analytics, a completely new version of Analytics tracking code that is going to change the way businesses track and analyze their customers. Google Analytics would track visits to a website, Universal Analytics tracks much more than that.  It collects data from different platforms and devices and uses that data to not only track the visit but track the behavior of the user. This is a more complex time in Analytics and the tools needed advancement.

An article from gave a rundown of a few of the new features Universal Analytics will feature. Although there are many new features, here is a summary of the main features Universal Analytics offers.

Offline Conversions

This feature allows businesses to send data from any device and collect it in Universal Analytics. This will allow stores to track in-store purchases alongside online purchases.

 Custom Dimensions Means Custom Reports

Universal Analytics allows businesses to set custom dimensions in reports. This feature will allow marketers to dive deeper into the behaviors of their users with custom reports that will be specific to their site.

Advance Segments

Advanced Segments can be created to track different kinds of users. You can get extremely detailed with who you track down to the time they revisit to how much they spend.

Exclude Certain Search Terms

This will allow marketers the ability to remove certain terms from their reports such as brand or domain names. This will allow you do concentrate more on the customers who are not familiar with the brand.

Specific User Timings

This tool doesn’t just show how long the page takes to load, but how long certain elements of the page take to load. This will show where improvement is necessary.