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Google Now – Changing Search

Google Now came out last June for Android and is now available for iOS which will bring in a whole new audience with iPhone and iPad users. Google Now is a predictive search service that has evolved leaps and bounds in the last year.

Last year the “cards” Google Now supported were limited and didn’t show much information. But now that is has had time to add more cards and gather more personal information, Google Now has become dramatically different.

Search for movies often? Google Now will learn when you regularly search for movies and have them open for you before you search, maybe on Friday and Saturday nights. It will also learn your favorite sports teams and have scores and updates ready for you as well.

To come up with all the answers, Google Now reads information from several sources. Your location, searches over time, Gmail, calendar, your G+ account and Google Finance. Google Now will collect info from your Gmail account like hotel or flight reservations or birthdays from your calendar.

For example, if you booked a flight and had reservations sent to your Gmail account, Google Now will keep you updated on your flight schedule and any news on flight delays or changes.

Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land put together a guide on the cards offered by Google Now and what personal info is required. This all depends on how much information you trust Google with. It will not be able to look up searches from Bing or Yahoo or be able to read emails from yahoo or other servers, only Gmail.

The main goal of this tool is to not only get users to continue to use Google as a search tool, but bring them closer by using all of Google’s various services.


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