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Location Based Mobile Advertising On The Rise

Sense Networks recently announce survey results about mobile advertising that suggest that in real time bidding, geographically targeted ads lead to higher returns on investment for advertisers. It seems that everyone is agreeing.

Berg Insight is predicting a substantial growth in “real-time mobile location-based advertising and marketing” by almost 65% by 2017. An industry that is around $688 million right now will be $8.5 billion in 5 years. This figure means that “real-time location-based” marketing will make up a third of all mobile marketing.

This has been one of the biggest flaws in mobile advertising so far but geotargeting and mobile profiles are improving which is leading to more growth in this industry. Brands are now able to get a wealth of information from this advertising.

Thinking of marketing to a business over mobile marketing is hard to grasp. Don’t think of it as marketing to the entity that is the business. Think of it as getting direct access to the key decision makers of the company targeted. Unlike B2C mobile marketing, mobile ads need to use the user’s time efficiently as they usually don’t have a lot of time to waste on the job. Make sure the ad helps the user do their job faster and better and helps them make quicker decisions about a product or service. B2B mobile marketing is underrated and has a lot of room for growth and potential.