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How SEO Keyword Strategy For Fashion Is Affected By Upcoming Trends

Trends in fashion are not only about what people are wearing but about what people are searching for on the internet. For fashion ecommerce websites, fashion trends can be helpful in determining what a successful keyword strategy should look like. When this year’s spring line was introduced last fall, the ecommerce websites got an inside track at what would be top searches in 6 months.

In a post on Search Engine Watch, Amanda Massello talks about how using the insights from Fashion Week, fashion companies are able to predict what will be popular 6 months from the close of the show on sites like Pinterest and Google. She mentions how the “colorblock dress” was introduced in the fall of 2011 as a trend for the upcoming spring. Although Pinterest doesn’t provide search result counts, by spring 2012 the results for “colorblock dress” were endless on the popular social site.

Fashion ecommerce sites need to think of how they market their site using SEO and keywords the same way they decide what’s “hot” for the upcoming season. By using these same trends, fashion ecommerce sites can predict what will be searched most on sites like Google and Pinterest and target those searches for maximum results.