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Google Allows Companies To Better Measure Mobile Advertising

The enormous growth of smart phones and tablets will lead mobile advertising to reach $11.4 billion dollars in 2013. Although growth is great, there still are not enough tools to measure how effective campaigns are doing for companies trying to convert sales. That is why the world leader in mobile advertising, Google, is approaching this problem head on. They are soon rolling out a tool called Full Value of Mobile, a calculator that will help businesses track and measure their mobile advertising campaign’s success.

In a Google blog post Johanna Werther, head of Mobile Ads Marketing, notes that there is more work to be done and most marketers are not seeing the full picture. The calculator will provide simple equations and benchmarks that speak to different aspects such as how many customers call you as a result of an ad using Google’s automatic dialing feature.

The tool is going to provide a way for businesses to access the analytics easier and cheaper. It will only take 30 minutes to set-up the calculator and then the total value, value per click and ROI will be available.