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Twitter has a new Ad Tool to help with its B2B Lead Generation Capabilities

Twitter is targeting the B2B community on the benefits of doing twitter ads for B2B Marketing. Twitter is close to releasing a new tool that will allow B2B Advertisers generate more leads.

In a recent study done by Compete, online activity was examined on over 6,000 twitter followers. The study showed:

–          Almost 60% of the Twitter users visited the studied sites over 40% of average internet users.

–          Almost double the amount of Twitter users searched the studied brands over average internet users.

The main reason for these studies are to show B2B companies that their audience is using twitter. Conversion rates by Twitter users who saw tweets from the studied brands are at 11% compared to 4% of average Twitter users.

The Lead Generation Tool is still being tested but is highly anticipated by the B2B community. An example of the tool is seen in this tweet (link). Twitter offered a small business guide direct from the tweet. But when you click to download, the Advertiser (in this example Twitter) gets profile information including name and email address and you get the guide.

Tweets that are “Promoted” saw engagement rates of 4%-7%, this new tool saw engagement rates of 20%. That explains the excitement from Twitter to release this new Lead Generation Tool. Not only will you now be able to measure the impact of your tweet with impressions, retweets and conversions but you will­­ be able to generate leads and collect better information on your clients.