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Mobile Ads Become Mandatory on Google AdWords

google-adwords-mobileAdvertisers have always been able to choose where they wanted their mobile ads on Google AdWords to be displayed – on desktops, tablets, smartphones or a combination of the three. That is, until recently. Google announced that it will begin requiring advertisers to display (and pay) for their ads on mobile devices, such as tablets.

Google’s “enhanced campaigns” change will take effect for all advertisers by mid-2013 for two main reasons: boost mobile device ad revenue and force advertisers to recognize that mobile device ad performance is similar, if not better than desktop ads.

The “enhanced campaigns” also are allowing advertisers to target a user’s specific location and tailor the ad based on the time of day and what type of device they are using all under the same campaign. Previously, separate mobile ads had to be created under different campaigns to yield the same outcome.

For example, a Brick and Mortar store will be able to specifically target and adjust the price it is willing to bid to display one of their mobile ads to people using smartphones who are within the vicinity of the business after their store opens for the day. Other users, say, people at home using their desktop computer, would see a different aid and the advertiser would be able to bid differently for that ad to be served.

This change, although making mobile advertising easier for advertisers doesn’t necessarily mean you will capture more leads from mobile devices. If you aren’t sending the user to a landing page optimized for mobile devices or at minimum, your website that can easily be viewed on smartphones or tablets, you are going to want to correct that first before sending users to your page.

The last thing you want to do is serve up a mobile ad to a potential customer only for them to visit your website that has slow load times or provides a bad user experience. That’s a quick way to turn away customers and deliver them to your competition.

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