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Mobile Advertising Revenues to Top $11.4 Billion in 2013

Mobile advertising revenues continued to soar in 2012 and there is no sign of them stopping anytime soon. Mobile ad revenues brought in $9.6 billion last year and are expected to increase 19% in 2013 to reach $11.4 billion, as forecasted by Gartner.

When highways were paved, billboards soon followed. When the television hit every living room in America, commercials became a staple on every show. Now that smartphone and tablet usage is becoming the norm, it is no surprise that the advertising opportunities are quickly following.

Although 1 out of every 5 smartphone owners never use their own device for anything more than what a basic phone can do – call and text, the other 4 owners push their devices to their limits with endlessly consuming apps, mobile internet and bandwidth.

As traditional advertising continues to decline, such as the case in newspapers and magazines, brands large and small are turning to the mobile space. Consumers are reading, browsing and spending more time on their smartphones and tablets, making mobile devices a prime candidate to serve relevant and timely advertisements on.

The global market for mobile ads is expected to grow another 400% within the next three years to top $25 billion in 2016. If there was ever a time to “think mobile” and beat your competition to one of the newest mediums of advertising, now would be it.

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