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Mobile Consumers Are Valuable Ones

mobile_shoppingIn a recent study conducted by Monetale, it was revealed that nearly 20% of consumers have made an online purchase with a mobile device. That’s a fairly large segment of traffic, and it is bound to increase as just within the last year, tablet shopping traffic has grown 161% and smartphone traffic continued to climb by 119%.  These current mobile trends make it imperative that your eCommerce website is mobile-optimized and you are deploying mobile-friendly marketing strategies.

Here are some key takeaways about US-based mobile customers and how much they are spending:

  • Smart phone shoppers, on average, spend $97.82 per order
  • Tablet shoppers, on average, spend $96.84 per order
  • Desktop shoppers, on average, spend $91.76 per order

This data shows that smart phone shoppers spend the most amount of money per order, followed by tablets and lastly, desktop shoppers.

But how often do they buy?

  • Smart phone shoppers convert to a sale on average at 1.01%
  • Tablet shoppers make a purchase 3.12% of the time
  • Desktop buyers has the highest conversion rate at 3.28% of the time

So, although smart phone shoppers spend the most per order on average, they are the least likely to visit your site and make a purchase. Tablet and desktop shoppers are nearly identical and have the greatest conversion rates.

So, do I optimize my website for smartphones, tablets or desktops?

The answer is, all three. Everyone has a website designed for desktop use, so chances are you need to check your analytics, see where your customers are coming from and see if a mobile site makes sense for you. If it does, it is recommended having separate, mobile-optimized sites for smartphones and for tablets since the shopping experiences varies greatly on these devices.

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