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Facebook Advertising Made Simple for Businesses

Facebook advertising has always been a little “clunky” for people not familiar with their advertising platform and discouraging to use for new advertisers. That is, until Facebook rolled out a new, easier way for businesses to jump into advertising on Facebook with only a few clicks.

Facebook’s new tool is located in the Page admin console for every page that has fewer than 10,000 likes, which encompasses the majority of businesses with a Facebook profile page. This new ad unit that focuses around gaining business pages more likes, automatically determines what content to post for you and based on your set daily budget, will show you the estimated number of Likes your page will receive each day from the ads.


An increase in Facebook Page Likes can not only improve your company’s brand, but aid in gaining new customers and also help your website’s ranking in Google and Bing, as social triggers including the number of Page Likes are one factor in determining rank.

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