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Is Your Business Visible on Apple Maps Local Search?

ios6-apple-mapsThere’s been a lot of buzz around Apple Maps since it debuted along with Apple’s iOS 6 last month and its impact on local search. Apple promised iOS 6 would improve device performance and upgrade the user’s experience with Siri, mapping, and more.

If you haven’t upgraded to iOS 6 yet on your Apple device or if you are an Andriod user, you probably haven’t had to deal with the nightmare Apple’s Maps app has become. Less than 24 hours after iOS 6 was released, hordes of angry users slammed Apple Maps for providing incorrect business data, wrong directions and poor integration. As if that wasn’t enough, Apple removed Google Maps as the standard on iOS 6, leaving Apple users stuck with Apple Maps.

As Apple vows to resolve the issues with their Map’s local search function, business owners also need to do their part in ensuring their business’s data is valid and visible. Grab your nearest Apple device and go through the following checklist to ensure your company isn’t contributing to the Apple Maps debacle.

  • Make sure your business appears on Apple Maps by searching for the following:
    • business name + city
    • business name + city + state
    • business name + street address
    • business name + street address + city
    • business name + street address + city + state
    • business phone number
  • Make sure your business data on Apple Maps is accurate. If it isn’t, the easiest way to fix it is using the “Report a Problem” feature and submits the proper information for review by Apple. Millions of business owners across the world are probably doing this, so don’t expect it to be updated overnight – it is a manual review process.
  • Make sure your most recent Yelp reviews are positive. Apple Maps pulls in Yelp’s reviews of your company and shows the latest three reviews next to your business contact information and location. If any of your last three reviews are negative, that is going to be a big turn off for a potential customer. Always encourage your customers to leave reviews for your company, but never pay for positive reviews.
  • Make sure the images on your Yelp profile represent your company. Any Yelp user can upload photos to your company’s profile. Typically these are pictures of the store front, food if you are a restaurant or images of the store’s staff. However, they can also be horrifying pictures if a customer caught your business at a bad time.
  • Plan to re-check on a monthly basis. Constant monitoring of your Yelp reviews (so you can respond quickly to any negative ones or request to remove any fraudulent reviews) and ensuring your contact and location information is correct is an ongoing process. Especially as Apple continues to make changes to its Maps app, bumps in the road are inevitable.

For more information on Apple Maps and local search marketing, contact KEO Marketing today or continue to read our blog for tips on improving your local search presence.


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