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Google Rakes in More Advertising Revenue than U.S. Print Outlets

Google-AdsTraditional print advertising has been on the decline for some time now as newspapers, magazines, direct mail, outdoor advertising and other “old school” advertising outlets are traded in for online ads.

A report provided by Statista shows that during the first six months of 2012, Google raked in more global advertising dollars than all of the traditional print outlets in the U.S. combined. Although it’s not an apples to apples comparison, since Statista looked at Google’s global sales versus the print industry’s U.S.-based sales, but Google’s $10.9 billion in ad revenue compared to print’s $10.5 million clearly shows that print advertising continues to slip while Google continues to climb.

Google’s ad revenue consists of revenue from advertisers participating in Google’s search engine marketing programs which includes the pay per click advertising , display advertising and mobile advertising within Google’s search engine, YouTube, and their massive network of partner websites and more.

Over the years, search engine marketing has become one of the most effective internet marketing strategies with high ROIs for lead generation, customer acquisition and ecommerce. Nearly every business can benefit from a strategic search engine marketing plan that drives for qualified visitors to your website and increase your organization’s brand strength.

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