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B2B Industries Ditching the Desktop as Mobile Trends Escalate

b2b-mobile-trendMobile trends are receiving a lot of attention recently, as they should be, yet the majority of the focus has been on mobile in a B2C environment. B2B organizations are experiencing the same mobile trends and a new study from CDW points out just how important it is for B2B organizations to keep up with the mobile trend.

The CDW study entitled, “The Mobility Edge,” asked business owners how they are using mobile devices in their everyday responsibilities and how it is affecting their B2B sales. Here are the key takeaways from the survey:

  • 36% of IT managers stated computers are becoming obsolete and being replaced by smartphones or tablets. An additional 20% stated this trend will happen in their company within the next 24 months.
  • In retail, 67% are using mobile to complete transactions and 50% are using mobile to aid in the buying process for comparisons, research and additional information on the product.
  • 29% of professional services providers are using mobile apps to automate processes and enabling communication with their clients.
  • 25% of construction companies are using mobile to aid customers in executing a service request and streamline communication between a main office and the field.
  • The manufacturing industry is adapting to mobile to improve communication between employees, factories and customers, allowing them to be more responsive and collaborate.

The largest growth area in mobile is tablets. Smartphones have already found their place in the market and the vast majority of people (81% in this survey) are using smartphones daily for work. Approximately 25% of respondents are using a tablet; however, tablet usage is projected to grow by 177% within the next two years, completely overtaking traditional desktop computer and laptop usage.

New opportunities are presenting themselves in the mobile space and B2B organizations in particular must understand how mobile can be leveraged to serve the company and its customers.

At a minimum, your website should be mobile-friendly and it is recommended to have a secondary, mobile website that is displayed to visitors who go to your website from a mobile device. Mobile apps and other mobile products and services can be dedicated to serve specific business needs including lead generation, customer service and more.

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