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Are Your Google AdWords Campaigns Deceptive?

google-adwordsAs if there weren’t already enough updates Google has rolled out recently to its algorithms and policies on the natural search side, Google just announced a new policy for their AdWords, search engine marketing service.

Last week, Google announced that “Ads using keyword insertion must be grammatically and logically correct, and result in meaningful ad text for the user.” This continues with Google’s other recent policy changes to provide a better user experience for Google’s users and redefines what was generally accepted SEM strategies up until last week.

However, this policy change isn’t just a proper grammar check. All Google AdWords campaigns should be checked to ensure they meet the following criteria in addition to all regular AdWords best practices:

  • Ensure there is a consistent subject, verb agreement and singular and plural agreement
  • Remove any slang words. Ads with slang words may be in violation of this new policy
  • Remove any forced keywords into the ads, or “dynamic keyword insertion”
  • Focus on creating honest, accurate ad copy (that is grammatically correct)
  • Develop backup ads for all campaigns that are currently in violation of this policy while creating new ad copy

Even if you’ve been running a clean AdWords campaign all along, these new policies may cause some of your ads no longer to appear due to improper grammar usage or irregular keyword usage in an attempt to raise the ad’s quality score.

Google AdWords still continues to be a strong search engine marketing strategy for many businesses and this policy change is yet another step for Google to provide the best user experience for advertisers and Google’s users.

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