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How Leveraging Psychology Can Turn up the Heat on Lead Generation

Lead-GenerationGenerating leads, closing sales or driving people to your business all boils down to how well you can understand your customer’s wants, needs and deepest desires. Understanding what they want from you or your business is the key to converting them from a casual visitor to a repeat customer.

Understanding social psychology will teach you how to “trim the fat” and see what makes your customers tick and exactly what you need to do to create an efficient and effective sales cycle.

Below you will find seven social psychology tips from psychology and content marketing expert, Gregory Ciotti. When leveraged properly, you can implement these within your sales cycle and turn the heat up on your lead generation efforts.

  • Play devil’s advocate. Bringing up potential rebuttals yourself takes away any potential excuses the customer may have on why your product isn’t for them. Playing devil’s advocate and critiquing your own products has shown to increase the effectiveness of your position and increase your persuasive argument.
  • Create a sense of urgency. Early bird discounts, 24 hour sales, limited engagements and so on let potential customers know there is not an unlimited supply or unlimited time to make a decision. Make sure to give concise instructions on what you want your audience to do to move them along the sales process.
  • Turn your weaknesses into strengths. If it works in interviews it can work for businesses too. A study from social psychology Fiona Lee shows that by admitting to your company’s faults (decisions that resulted in lower confidence in your product or service) that people will view you more favorably than if you were to create excuses.
  • Label your customers. Many people will tell you that grouping or otherwise putting your customers into “buckets” is a bad idea. However, research shows that people enjoy being labeled and will do what they need to in order to stay consistent with their given label.
  • Give instant gratification. Anytime you can reward a customer for doing business with you, you should. Customers can be influenced by offering them something in exchange for doing business with you and the quicker they will receive it, the more likely they are to follow through.
  • Know who your buyers are. Any business, in any industry will have three types of buyers: the tightwads, the unconflicted and the spendthrifts. Each type responds differently to buying processes so create a separate track for each type of buyer.
  • Keep your buyers close, enemies closer. McDonalds vs. Burger King, Apple vs. Microsoft (and Samsung, Google, Dell, HP, IBM, Amazon, and the list goes on) Nike vs. Adidas. Just a few of the largest business rivalries in corporate America. Take a stand, choose a position and find a way to divide customers between your company and theirs and continue to build brand strength.

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