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B2B Sales Writing: Mastering Persuasion

Developing sales copy, especially when it comes to B2B sales writing can be a challenging task. Writing compelling and persuasive content demands advanced knowledge of how to structure the content, grab and then retain the reader’s attention and most importantly, get them to actually do something after they read your sales copy, like download a white paper or contact your business for additional information on your product or service.

In the B2B marketing world, creativity is often put at the bottom of the priority list as C-level executive’s time is extremely valuable and they want direct and to the point information to solve a problem or answer a question. Your content must be direct and persuasive.

Proper B2B sales writing often takes years to develop but you can fast-track by following these five basic steps:

  • Pick your voice – Write all of your sales materials in the same voice to keep it consistent. Steer away from keeping it too formal and don’t overload it with hype. Keep it conversational.
  • Make it easy to read – Despite the reading level of your audience, keep the words simple and the sentences short. This makes it easier for readers to digest and comprehend your sales material.
  • Make it quick – Sales copy should be concise and formatted so it is appealing to read. Break up the sales copy with sub-heads, limit paragraphs to four to five lines, and use action-oriented bullet points to call out product benefits and solutions.
  • Make it believable – Assume your audience is intelligent, yet skeptical. Ensure every sentence has a purpose and you are filling the page with hype and fluff – they will see right through it and you may lose credibility.
  • Make it actionable – What is the purpose of your sales copy? Is it to get them to download a white paper or case study? Tell your reader what you want them to do. Use strong call to actions that are confident and direct.

There it is. Follow those five guidelines to write compelling B2B sales copy and don’t forget to pull at their heat strings and evoke emotion in the reader. If you can successfully change a reader’s emotion while reading your sales copy, you have a greater chance at getting them to follow your call to action.

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