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A Decade of SEO Immortality

Ever since SEO has been around, someone has been declaring that SEO is dead, or is dying a slow death. For a slew of reasons why SEO will never die, see Search Engine Land’s SEO Is Here To Stay, It Will Never Die post, which says in part:

“SEO is about understanding how these search engines get their information and what should be done to gain free traffic from them. SEOs — and search marketers in general — understand the process of search, and they tap into that process to attract visitors.”

So, as long as there is a search engine out there for us marketers to figure out how it formulates its rankings, there will be SEO. If that isn’t enough to convince you, here are a four more reasons why SEO will never die:

  • Search engines like to use the open angle to give publishers inventive to mark up their content so that the search engines can extract and displace larger chunks of the value chain.
  • Historically, supporting puracy in private has been valuable for search companies when negotiation content licensing deals with media companies.
  • If people realize that they were looking at nothing but ads on a search engine, they would do their queries elsewhere.
  • If there are organic results the search engine can cast blame outwardly when something breaks.

If you thought the competition between Google, Bing and Yahoo was getting intense, wait until Facebook joins the search ranks with their own search engine which was announced recently.

This only encourages search engine companies to compete with each other by changing their own algorithms to provide the most relevant and sought-after results, fueling the need for proper SEO strategies and search engine marketing.


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