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B2B Advertising Spend Tops $4 Billion

B2B advertising has increased 6.5% since 2010 to $3.96 billion according to the analysis of ad spending data from Kantar Media. The estimates include outlets such as business magazines, consumer magazines, newspapers, internet, outdoor, radio and television and surveys the top 50 B2B advertisers within the US.

Not surprisingly, internet display advertising grew by 19.2%, leading all other growth categories. Television, radio and outdoor also saw growth over the same period.

Continuing the trend in print advertising, B2B advertisers cut spending on ads in consumer magazines, business magazines and newspapers.

The top ten B2B advertisers and their 2011 B2B ad budgets are as follows:

  1. AT&T ($284.0 m)
  2. Verizon ($236.6 m)
  3. Apple (198.6 m)
  4. JPMorgan Chase ($198.1 m)
  5. Microsoft  ($176.0 m)
  6. IBM ($145.3 m)
  7. Sprint Nextel ($144.4 m)
  8. Southwest Airlines ($123.7 m)
  9. Staples ($115.0 m)
  10. Deutsche Telekom ($111.5 m)

You can download the top 50 B2B advertisers list from or contact KEO Marketing for additional information on B2B advertising.