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Why Lead Nurturing is Critical for B2B SEO

In recent months Google has changed the course of how marketers approach B2B SEO and integrate their lead nurturing strategies. It has become perfectly clear that the way to the hearts of Google and your clients is through producing truly unique and compelling content for them in indulge in and lead them to make a buying decision.

With all of the changes in this year being handed down in the form of algorithm updates and penalizations for taking SEO shortcuts, one thing has rang true: B2B SEO requires a great amount of integration within several marketing verticals.

At the end of the day, B2B organizations need to make sales, and in order to do that they need leads. According to the 2012 MarketingSherpa’s B2B Marketing Benchmark Report, generating high quality leads and generating a greater volume of leads are the two highest priorities. Turning that huge pool of leads into quality leads requires a strategic lead nurturing and management system, one that optimizes demand generation and moves clients gracefully through the sales cycle.

The main steps in a lead management process are as follows:

  • Lead Generation – grabbing the visitor’s contact information, usually in exchange for a free white paper, eBook or other educational download.
  • Lead Scoring – the method of assigning “points” to the prospects and sending them down the proper marketing channels
  • Lead Routing – having the sales team peruse the most qualified leads
  • Lead Nurturing – leads that are early on in the sales cycle or not qualified are sent into lead nurturing programs which warms them up for a future sale

On any website, there is a significant amount of visitors who aren’t interested in making a purchase at the moment, they are simply research gathering. This is where lead management programs can build a strong relationship between the company and the consumer, and nurture them into a valued future customer.

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