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The Coveted 7% Rule for Mobile Marketing

Marketers, media companies, ad agencies and even many business owners know that they should be paying a little more attention than they are to the elephant in the room that is mobile marketing. Mobile marketing has been on everyone’s radar for years and many people have began to turn part of their focus to mobile marketing, but not nearly enough.

So the question remains, how much of your total ad spend should be devoted to mobile marketing?

If you cite a recent study conducted by Marketing Evolution, the answer is a simply 7%. The Marketing Evolution study recommends that an average of 7% of the total ad spending be devoted to mobile marketing – a bleak contrast to estimates that show the current average mobile budget is 1% or less of total ad spending.

With smartphone, tablet and other various mobile device usage rising nearly daily, this survey paints a clear picture that although marketers and business owners are turning their focus to mobile marketing and allocating a small percentage of their budget to mobile ads, they are chasing the consumer trend that is already in place. Mobile is here, and it is only going to continue growing.

The study concluded that 7% is the sweet spot for total mobile ad spend from your budget, however, depending on your industry and your own results, the percentage can be increased anywhere between 5 and 10 percent. Only testing mobile ad campaigns for your own products or services can begin to tell you how responsive your target market is to mobile ads and how well they are converting.

The important takeaway is that regardless of what percentage you are attributing to mobile marketing, you are engaging in mobile marketing in part of your overall marketing strategy. You can’t afford to ignore it.

As more affordable tablet devices hit the open market and people begin replacing their PCs for a mashup of tablet and smartphone usage, the driving force behind mobile advertising, mobile SEO and mobile website design will become a staple in every innovative internet marketing strategy.

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