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B2B Content Creation: Building Blocks to Content Marketing

b2b-seo-tacticsIf you’ve been noticing a trend on the KEO blog recently, a lot of our discussions have revolved around the importance of content creation and content marketing. A well-planned and strategized content marketing campaign is more than just creating well-written blog posts several times a week, although that is a good start.

A content creation strategy is the base for your content marketing program and link building acquisition, which despite the recent changes in linking strategies, is still an important part of SEO. A proper content creation strategy makes it easier to rank for your priority keywords by utilizing landing pages and social media networks, just for an example.

One of the biggest hurdles many B2B organizations face is being able to generate truly unique and interesting content on a regular schedule. The content being produced should represent your organization as a thought leader in your industry, challenging the industry standards and paving the way for conversation and interaction between your organization and your readers – which ideally, are your potential clients.

Just as there is more than one way to reach your target market offline, the same reigns true online. The idea of converged media from the Altimeter Group represents the use of two or more media channels including paid media, owned media and earned media which work together and enables your organization to reach your market regardless of channel, medium or device.

  • Paid media is classified as display or broadcast advertising (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.)
  • Owned media is content assets the company owns or controls (websites, blogs, etc.)
  • Earned media is user-generated content created and/or shared by users (shares, organic reviews, etc.)

It is critical for B2B organizations to keep up with emerging trends and concepts, particularly those that benefit long-term SEO gains. In the case of converged media, the Altimeter Group supports the hypothesis that collaborative efforts throughout media channels will be the future of a successful marketing initiative.

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