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Want to Capture More B2B Leads? Turn to Content Marketing

b2b-content-creationEver wonder what the most effective way to capture B2B leads is? The ways to capture leads are endless, but in search engine optimization (SEO), due to Marketing Sherpa’s 2012 B2B Benchmark Study, there is only one clear tactic that is proven to be the most effective.

Content creation. Content creation (or content marketing) was identified by 53% of the B2B marketers participating in the study as being “very effective” and 40% agreed that content creation is “somewhat effective.” That means that 93% of B2B marketers agree that content creation is the best way to capture leads with SEO, with optimizing title tags as the 2nd most effective way and keyword research coming in 3rd.

Content marketing has become an integral part of any SEO campaign as all major search engines give preference to new, fresh and relevant content that is being published on a consistent basis. This content, when optimized properly, will be found by search engines and will also be useful for your target audience.

As B2B organizations begin to increase or “richen” their content, create blogs, whitepapers, podcasts and case studies, they are able to reach a larger audience and therefore achieve higher rankings. This ultimately leads to an increase in website visitors and inbound leads.

Content marketing also integrates well within a B2B organizations social media strategy and can be a highly effective in improving the results achieved from the content marketing and SEO campaigns.

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