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IPv6 Solves Problem of Depleted IP Addresses with IPv6 Launch Day

ipv6Today is World IPv6 Launch Day and is the single largest upgrade in the history of the internet. But, you probably won’t notice a change, and that’s a good thing. The internet went into a digital panic early last year when it was announced that there was a major shortage of available IP addresses with IPv4. Today, that all changes with the introduction of IPv6, allowing the web to continue its expansive growth on behalf of the Internet Society.

Website owners, internet services providers and hosting companies are strongly encouraged to activate IPv6 to embrace the new change. Without adopting IPv6, web surfers will have to go through a transitional gateway before entering a non-IPv6 website, making their experience slower and site load times slightly higher, which isn’t good for the user or search engine optimization.

Hundreds of major organizations are making the upgrade today, including Google, Facebook, Time Warner Cable and Mashable, just to name a few. Thousands of webmasters have already made the switch.

If you are unsure if your internet service provider or website hosting company is upgrading to IPv6 today, we urge you to contact them and ask about the IPv6 upgrade and encourage them to do so if they haven’t already.

For more information on the IPv6 or recent internet upgrades, contact KEO Marketing.


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