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Four Types of Content Marketing to Engage in Lead Development

There seems like there is a nearly endless flow of information, content and advertisements sent out to consumers, but how is all of that content aiding in lead development for your organization?  Especially in the B2B space, increasing website traffic to boost online conversions is an important metric of a strategic internet marketing campaign.

A business must speak to the prospect at all stages of the buying cycle and lead them through the sales process. In Search Engine Land Abraham Nord’s article, “4 Content Assets To Engage Prospects At Any Stage In the Buying Cycle,” he describes four proven content assets and incentives to reach business buyers throughout the purchasing process.

These content marketing assets include:

  • White Paper and Webinars. White papers and webinars are excellent ways to engage prospects early on in the buying cycle and solve their problem for them by providing answers to their question and positioning your company, product or service as the leader in your industry.
  • Data Driven Case Studies. Case studies have the opportunity of taking the research and information from the white papers and webinars and pairing them with actual data and real-world examples. You can show the prospect how your company identified a problem, solved it and how successful the results were.
  • Assessments and Audits. Getting personal with the prospects and looking specifically at their individual needs and tailoring an assessment, audit or competitive analysis around their company you to provide insight to their issues and how you can solve them.
  • Demos and Trials. Let your prospects give your product or service a trial run when possible. This hopefully will quash any reservations they may have about making a commitment and making sure what you are offering is right for them.

When done correctly, these four content marketing assets can lead, develop and nurture your prospects to be longtime loyal customers. Make sure you are always focusing on prospects throughout the entire buying cycle, and not just those that are ready to buy.

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