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Google AdWords Search Engine Marketing no Longer “Rotates Evenly”

google-adwordsThere is a lot of testing in internet marketing agencies, especially within search engine marketing. We habitually test advertisements and landing pages to ensure the best results can be gained in every place possible. One place where A/B testing is necessary is Google Adwords and they have just changed the “rotate evenly” setting to automatically default to “optimize for clicks” after a 30 day window.

Most search engine marketing professionals prefer the “rotate evenly” setting as it provides an even comparison as each ad is being disbursed evenly. This new change now requires users who are using AdWords to test landing pages or copy-based conversions to be limited to 30 days. If you want to continue the “rotate evenly” setting, you can edit the creative and the 30 day counter will start over.

This is a change that Google claims will improve performance. Google states, “This change will enable us to provide users with the most relevant ad experience and should help advertisers improve the performance of their AdWords accounts. “

The third option for ad delivery, “optimize for conversions” still exists and continues to be based on what ad is expected to provide more conversions instead of clicks. Although your Google AdWords ads might not perform as well with the “rotate evenly” option during the first 30 days, they can provide a greater click through rate and higher conversions after the initial testing is completed.

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