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Latest Google AdWords Display Network Improvements

google_adwords_display_networkThe Google AdWords Display Network (formerly the Content Network), turned 9 years old last month and with its age has finally come much needed new features and enhancements. These recent and upcoming changes can make quite a difference in your PPC strategy and will also make managing your ads easier.

  1. Display campaign management. Implementation and management tasks will become streamlined in the next few weeks when the current “networks,” “audiences,” and “topics” tabs are all brought under a new “Display Network” tab.
  2. Keyword level data. Keeping search and display ads separate becomes even more important so that keywords can be optimized in separate ways. A new feature will allow you the ability to see performance on the Display Network at the keyword level. Keyword stats will be available for display on in the Display Network tab and any changes made to the keywords will affect both search and display targeting in that campaign.
  3. Display ad builder. The barrier to entry to display advertising has just been crushed. The display ad builder does what its name says and is a tool that will allow companies to build their own display ads using a variety of templates using their own text, images and logos.
  4. Topic targeting. Another new feature that serves ads based on page-level content. This will allow advertisers to choose topics of websites to show their ads on, such as choosing “data center” over “real estate.” For ideal optimization purposes, this should be used within a new campaign targeting on the Display Network and not used with contextual targeting with keywords in the same campaign.
  5. Interest categories. Behavioral targeting options have previously been limiting to remarketing campaigns. Now, interest categories is the latest behavioral targeting method showing ads to users who have expressed interest in a relevant topic based on their visits to a similar websites in the past on the Display Network. Over 2,000 interest categories are available to choose from.

The Google AdWords Display Network is making strides to new heights and it looks like their recent focus has been make advertisers happy and making it a little easier to implement and optimize campaigns on their network.

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