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How to be a Twitter Celebrity

twitterCelebrities are huge on Twitter. The Lady Gagas and Justin Biebers of Twitter have tens of millions of followers and your brand page has the potential to be just as popular too. Twitter is a simple platform when it comes to design and how you interact with other people. However, the most popular celebrity and brand pages have a few things in common.

To make your brand page stand out from the rest, follow these few rules to become a Twitter celebrity in your industry:

  • Make your page visual. Invest in a professionally designed Twitter background that represents your brand. Align it with your website and other social media profiles so they are consistent. This will show people that you take Twitter seriously and might be an interesting person to follow.
  • Support your fans that support you. It is important to interact on Twitter and not just send out updates on the news or solely self-promoting tweets. Retweet any tweets from fans that praise your brand and thank new followers for following you.
  • Be personable. People follow other people on Twitter that they can identify with. Have a voice, be yourself and send out a personal tweet every once and awhile and skip the sales talk. Let them know what is going on around the office or even about your unfortunate seat mate on the plane back to HQ.
  • It’s more than just 140 characters. Share your pictures on Twitter, take screenshots of videos or PowerPoints and give your followers and exclusive look no one else can see. You can use services such as TwitPic or Instagram to jazz up your photos and easily share them on Twitter.
  • Network. At its core, Twitter is a basic social networking platform. Think of it as LinkedIn’s little brother on lots of RedBull. Introduce connections to each other or let someone else know they might be interested in following another follower who is like-minded.
  • Hashtag it up. Use hashtags (the # symbol) in front of your brand’s keywords so people searching for your #keyword can easily find your page and start following you.

By following these few simple steps, you can amass a loyal following to your brand page which in turn can drive traffic and be another source of lead generation for your brand. For more information on how Twitter and social networks can boost your brand, contact KEO Marketing today.


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