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Facebook Business Pages: Making a Milestone out of Timeline

facebook_business_pagesFacebook business pages have seen quite a few changes this month, and although at first glance it might not seem like a major difference on the social network, there is more than what meets the eye. We were all expecting Timeline to be introduced for Facebook’s business pages but didn’t know exactly what Facebook had in store.

Timeline goes into effect at the end of March (if you didn’t already enable it), so to prepare you (and your social media marketing plan) before your Facebook business page automatically reverts to Timeline, here is a list of other changes and additions that go along with it:

  • The Cover Photo is an 850 by 315 pixel image that must accurately represent your brand and is not allowed to have any calls to action, marketing text, contact info or references to “like” or “share” your page.
  • The Profile Picture size shrunk to 180 by 180 pixels and is best if utilized as your company’s logo or something that will be easily identifiable when seen as the 30 x 30 pixel version in your fan’s news feed.
  • Posts can be pinned to the top of your Timeline for up to one week by clicking the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the post and selecting “pin to top”.
  • Facebook business pages can now directly receive and respond to messages from anyone, giving you another medium to connect with customers and answer customer service questions.
  • You can set your company’s milestones all the way back to 1,000 AD. Chances are you have not been in business that long, but do make sure to add important milestones so your Timeline is focused on your company’s story. For example, your incorporation date, first sale made, important new hires, business relocated and new products or services launched.
  • No longer can you choose a default landing tab, but fan gating is still operational. Visitors who land on your Facebook page will automatically be directed to your Timeline. You can have up to 12 active applications but only three will be prominently displayed on the top row of your Timeline. You can also change the 111 by 74 pixel custom tab image and name that represents that app, giving you the opportunity for a call to action.
  • You can request a name change of your Facebook business page to edit any misspellings, capitalization or to match any branding changes. This won’t change your URL but simply how your business page’s name is displayed.
  • Facebook advertising gets a boost with the “Reach Generator” and “Premium Ads.” The Reach Generator targets re-engaging the fans you already have and Premium Ads focuses on distributing your Timeline stories to new connections.
  • Lastly, Facebook Offers is closer to being available publicly and will be a way for businesses to send deals directly to fans through their news feeds and to easily share the offer with friends. Offering a free webinar or consultation could be huge for your business, if you have the ability to meet the ensuing demand.

The changes will greatly impact your social media marketing strategy on Facebook and anyone with a Facebook business page should take the time to re-think their brand’s purpose on the network and consider their new Timeline as a “launch pad” for new engagements and re-kindling old fans.

For more information on Facebook’s latest changes to business pages or how KEO Marketing can launch a comprehensive social media strategy for your company, contact us today.


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