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Social Media Logins Increasing Website Engagement

website_engagementWondering how you can increase your website engagement without a full re-design? Research from a survey published this month from Gigya shows that visitors logged into a website using their identity on social media networks (social login) spend 50% more time on the site (12 minutes) than that who use a standard login (8 minutes), and 140% more time than those who are not logged in at all (5 minutes). This extra engagement on the site translates to increased page views, with visitors using their social network identity to view 50% more pages than those with a standard login and 60% more than a visitor that is not logged in at all.

The standard for social media logins? Facebook, of course (42% of users), followed by Google (29%), Yahoo (11%), Twitter (8%) and WindowsLive (4%). Integrating social plug-ins on your website has shown to have a significant impact on overall website engagement, time spent on-site and average page views. Visitors logging into a website with a social media login are encouraged by the desire to interact with the site combined with their social graph.

As individual website registrations now start driving away consumers (54% say they will leave a site if presented with registration requirements) from your website, never to return, it becomes increasingly important to use social media logins and leverage comment sharing as gateway for user engagement.

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