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Google Pay-Per-Click: AdWords Ads Go Social

Google pay-per-click AdWords campaigns just received a big boost from the social media and SEO department. Google’s  recent release of Search plus Your World, a new feature in Google search that combines personal content shared with you and others within your Google+ circles and public web content in the search engines result pages, is not only about social integration in search. It’s about Google AdWords, too.

Google currently allows searchers to +1 Google pay-per-click advertisements on and their Google Display Network, essentially creating socially-enabled ad campaigns. When someone +1’s an ad, like you have been able to do for natural search results, they are recommending this ad, and the ad’s landing page content to their contacts on their Google+ network. Basically, free advertising for your pay-per-click campaign.

The benefits don’t stop there, either. +1’s on Google pay-per-click advertisements also integrates with Google+ Pages and SEO results, and this recommendation carries over to that same landing page that is used for the pay-per-click ad in organic search results. This makes search engine marketing efforts more comprehensive and can help raise natural search results as well.

This social integration into advertising has the potential to change the perspective of internet advertising and capture more attention for a longer time span when people see that their network of friends and contacts have chosen to endorse your advertisement