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Instant Preview Feature Now Functional for PPC Advertisements

Google recently announced the Google Instant Preview feature will now be functional for PPC advertisements in addition to organic search results. Users will now be able to see a preview of a landing page or PPC advertisement by simply scrolling over the magnifying glass icon to the right of the advertisement. This allows the searcher to preview the site and determine more quickly if the advertisement or landing page will lead them to a site that satisfies their search query. Instant Preview will also allow advertisers to provide more information to potential customers and hopefully reduce payment for clicks that will not result in a sale.

This update is sure to affect search engine marketers, search engine users as well as Google itself. Ideally, search engine marketers will benefit from the fact that they will be able to provide users more information ultimately resulting in less cost per conversion, search engine users will be able to more quickly judge if the landing page is likely to fulfill their search query and Google will provide better results to their users resulting in increased traffic.

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