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Social Media Site, Twitter, Celebrates 5th Birthday

Social media site, Twitter, celebrated its 5th birthday on Monday, March 21, 2011. Twitter began as a creative idea conceived during a brainstorming session and has transformed into a global phenomenon, which has gone from zero to more than 1 billion tweets per week in five years and is valued at more than $10 million.

Twitter has become an incredibly useful social media tool and has even helped to transform the world we live in today. Twitter has played a role in a number of historical events including the election of President Barack Obama, who harnessed the power of Twitter and other social networking sites to raise support and funds as well as keep his supporters up to date on his campaign. Twitter also played a vital role in the recent uprising in Egypt where many protests were managed and fueled via Twitter.

Businesses of all sizes are also harnessing the power of social networking sites like Twitter. Businesses are now using Twitter as a means of customer relationship management where they can communicate information about their products or services.  This form of advertising gives users the sense that the business is part of their community and less of a stranger trying to sell something.

If you are a business owner who has not yet harnessed the power of Twitter or other social networking sites, KEO Marketing can help you develop an online marketing strategy that incorporates social networking into the scope of your website.

These tools will help your organization spread high quality, valuable content across the web, increase the number of links coming into your site, make bookmarking easy for users and encourage your visitors to keep coming back for updates.

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