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Search Marketing: Why Use Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools has number of powerful search marketing features and many individuals who are unfamiliar with Google Webmaster Tools are failing to take advantage of one of the most effective search marketing tools available. Google Webmaster Tool allows search marketers to communicate with Google and notify them of their preferences. The following are the most important reasons why search marketers should be implementing Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Webmaster Tools allows search marketers to understand what Google thinks of a Web site. The keyword table in Webmaster Tools shows the keywords that Google finds most consistently on a Web site when it conducts crawls and ranks them from most prevalent to least prevalent. It is important to communicate the right message to Google otherwise a web site will not rank for the proper keywords.

Search Queries
Google Webmaster Tools shows search marketers directly what search queries have generated traffic to their Web site, which allows search marketers to not only identify what keywords are searched most but what keywords are generating traffic to a particular Web site.  Google Webmaster Tools also shows search data trends.

Click-Through Rate
Any other valuable statistic that Google Webmaster Tools offers is click-through rate. Google Webmaster Tools allows users to see what percentage of searchers for a particular keyword clicked on a listing.

Inbound Links
Google Webmaster Tools provides search marketers with a list of inbound links as well as the top content receiving those links. This is incredibly helpful to search marketers who conduct link analysis.

Site Links
Google Webmaster Tools allows search marketers easier control of site links.

HTML Suggestions
Google Webmaster Tools’ HTML suggestions is an efficient way to identify issues with titles and metadata. Webmaster Tools notifies search marketers if they have duplicate title tags or meta descriptions.

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