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Search Engine Marketing: New Paid Search Ads

Google has recently introduced a number of ad extensions and enhancements to search engine results pages, which have given paid search results even more prominence. In this blog post we will discuss of few of these changes and how they will affect search engine marketing practitioners.

Recently, Google began lowercasing display URLs in all paid search ads. Many search engine marketing practitioners initially were upset as they had lost one of the most effective ways to draw attention to their ads. However, these same practitioners are now realizing that this change to paid search ads has done something different…It has made paid search listings look more like organic listings and therefore increased their value to search engine users.

Google has also recently been testing the box color around the top ad placements. Search engine marketing practitioners should be aware of this because the sooner you catch on, the more value you are likely to get out of being ranked ahead of your competitors.

It is important to for search engine marketing practitioners to adapt with Google as it changes its ad displays. By staying current with best practices, practitioners will able to remain relevant and continue to rank well in search engines.

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