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Social Marketing in Phoenix: The Connection Between Search and Social

Businesses of all sizes are concerned about their search engine results and search engine optimization, but many businesses are ignoring one very important element that has a drastic effect on search engine results. I am talking of course about social media, too many businesses lack a social media presence and their search results are suffering as a result.

Search engines have used and will continue to use social media factors when determining search ranking. A search engines goal is to return the most relevant search results and search engines would be remiss if they ignored the 500 million Facebook users and 50 million tweets a day.

Search engines try to filter spam and produce relevant results for searcher and this is why they make sure to properly count the content and website that online user find interesting and relevant. This is where social media comes into play.

Real-time Search

Search engines continue to integrate social media factors into their algorithms and the addition of real-time search to Google and Bing is proof positive that these search engines value what is said in the social realm.


Social media profiles are not only showcased in real-time search. They also commonly appear in results for keywords. For example many businesses Twitter Pages rank very high.

Site Search

As sites like Facebook and Twitter continue to grow in popularity, they begin to act more like search engines. According to a recent report, Twitter handles 24 billion searches per month. According to estimates Bing and Yahoo combined handle less than 14 billion searches per month.

Link Building

Social media sites also offer great link building opportunities. Whether it is your most recent press release, a keyword in your bio or a link to your service page, social media sites offer countless opportunities to link back to your Web site.

As you can see, there are a numerous ways that social media effects search results, and businesses without a social media presence are truly missing out. Businesses without a social media presence need to create a presence and optimize their social media efforts for search engines.

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