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Video is a Must for Competitive SEO

Within the last year, video has grown from a “frill” some companies include on their Web sites, to an essential and competitive differentiator that drives search engine optimization (SEO) and increases brand recognition. Many companies, in the know, have already embraced this shift and already implementing video as a central part of their online offerings.

Google integrated video into its universal search offering in 2007 and ever since Web sites featuring videos have gained an SEO advantage. When a business integrates relevant videos that match the Web site’s content, search engines, such as Google, find and index the video within the Web site’s context. This improves the overall search rankings and video search rankings as it relates to your business’ keywords.

Search appears to be how most users of the Internet are finding video today and this trend is expected to continue in the future. Furthermore, video appears to pass the test when it comes to overall conversion. According to one survey, roughly 80 percent of users view an entire video and 1 out of 4 click to purchase products, which drives overall revenue.

Business should do more then simply embed videos with their Web sites. In order to harvest videos’ full potential they should be spread across the entire Web site. For example, a retail business selling 10,000 products online should cover the entire online catalog with video on each page. This way, there are videos that match keywords for specific products and target consumers that are most likely to search for those keywords.

In the past videos were nice to have on a Web site. However, in the past year the have become a must-have for any business that is serious about SEO and search engine rankings.

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