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Search Engine Marketing Trends: Search Engine Market Shares

The latest search engine marketing trends show that Yahoo and’s share of the search engine market grew in the last month while Google and Bing both experienced losses.

According to data from Experian Hitwise, showed a growth of 21 percent in March in its number of United States searches, month-over-month. remains in fourth position in share of searches showing an increase of 2.84 percent from February to March. Yahoo has experienced a growth of 3 percent while Bing and Google each lost one percent of the market share in the same period.

Google remains the dominant search engine accounting for just under 70 percent of all U.S. searches. According to data from Experian Hitwise, this number is down almost two percentage points since October. Yahoo has also continued to lose some of its share of searches in the same period while Bing’s market share has remained relatively consistent. Search engine marketing trends show that smaller search engines such as continue to grow their share of U.S. searches.

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