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Are You Using Google Buzz?

If you haven’t yet heard of Google Buzz, listen up! Google Buzz is the latest addition to one of the many tools offered by Google, and this one falls right into the social media category. Google Buzz is integrated into Google’s email service, Gmail.

Like many other social media sites, Buzz combines elements of Twitter, Facebook, and some others. But there are things unique to Buzz that create opportunities you should familiarize yourself with and take advantage of as soon as possible.

1. Posting Content. Like Twitter, Buzz lets you post messages to a group of “followers” that subscribe to your updates. Messages, however, can be longer than those of Twitter (140 characters) and can include images and links.

2. Engaging with People. If you use Gmail, there’s a good chance you already have built-in followers on Google Buzz. Once you start following some people, clicking the “Buzz” link from Gmail’s main navigation will let you see their most recent updates. You can comment on them, “like” them, or follow up with an email message.

3. Collaborating. Buzz can be used both for broadcasting a message to your followers. You can Buzz anything – documents, articles, press releases – it’s instant, private collaboration.

4. Marketing. Users can “check in” at business locations, notifying their followers of their whereabouts. Thus, encouraging customers to check in on Buzz can be a way to drive free word-of-mouth marketing for local businesses.

5. Sharing. Just like Twitter and Facebook, Buzz has the potential to be a powerful medium for sharing content. You can use it to share blog posts, special deals, or interesting links related to your company.

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