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Google’s Real-Time Search

Google search results will soon be available in real-time to everyone.  So, what’s the big deal? Well, according to Mashable, the real-time search feature will tell you what’s happening right now by streaming real-time tweets, news articles, Yahoo answers, and even web pages. You may also remember that Google created partnerships with Facebook and MySpace earlier this year, which means content from your company’s Facebook Fan and MySpace Pages will be streaming real-time in search results very soon.
If you’re like me and have yet to play with Google search results in real-time on your browser, take a look at Google’s very whimsical, Harry Potteresque video about it:

How does this affect your business?

Now, more than ever, it’s important to create new content on a consistent basis – every day! Now that Google will be streaming results in real-time, it will be very easy for stagnant companies to fall by the wayside and off of the first page.  If you don’t have a blog, if you aren’t on Twitter/Facebook/MySpace, and if you don’t produce new content – you’re in trouble. But it isn’t too late! Though it might take many months for your blog to rank highly in Google for a specific keyword, you can still produce content that gets the attention of your audience using Google’s real-time results.

It’s easy to get involved. Every day more and more people discover products and services through searches – on Google, on Twitter, on Facebook – anywhere. Now, Google’s real-time search has just made easier and simpler for customers to find out what’s going on with your brand right now – good or bad. If people are having a conversation on Twitter about your brand or industry, start a conversation and give insightful answers. Keep working to transform your company website from stagnant pages into a up-to-date site that produces consisten, interesting content that your prospective customers are searching for right now.

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