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Phoenix Marketers: 5 Tips for a Great Link Building Strategy

Online linking and link building is an essential search engine optimization strategy.  If it’s done correctly, link building can give your site higher rankings in search engines and bring in more qualified traffic.  Incorrect link building can make your business disappear as search engines may reduce your rankings or eliminate your site from their indexes completely.

So where do you start? Here are five tips that will help you create a great link building strategy.

Your Competition

One of the easiest ways to build a linking strategy is to check out the strategy of your competition. What is their strategy? Are they even doing a link building campaign? Are they in directories? Are their links full of keyword-rich anchor text? Where are their links coming from? Are they buying links?

Your Keywords

Another thing you should consider is what keywords you want to target first. The main focus of your link building strategy should be to improve your rankings for specific keywords. Again, you’ll want to take a look at the competition.  Do an online search and assess the following: Who is ranking for your top keyword? Who is linking to them? Who are they linking to?

Your Niche

Every business has a niche.  Make a list of every niche area you can think of that relates to your business.  How many niche markets do you serve? Do you have content on your site that tells your potential customers about it? Do you have content on your site that answers common questions in each niche area of your business? You should!

Your Location

Does your business operate on a global level, national level or state level?  No matter the size of your reach, you should list yourself in regional categories in online directories. If you have a physical address, you should have a Google Local Listing and you should be listed on other local-based sites that users are likely to access. You may already have a listing – check it out and make sure that the information is listed correctly and contains a link back to your site.

Your Expertise

You know your business better than anyone else.  You should be telling people about it. Invest some time creating content that is directly relevant to your primary audience and publish it on your own site or a blog. Find other blog writers in your industry and start a dialogue in their blog comments.  You can also use the opportunity to “guest post” on a related blog, including links in your content and in your bio as well.

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