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Google to Add Video, Maps & Product Information to Paid Search Ads

In a Webcast with investors last Wednesday, Google executives walked through a variety of ideas designed to make search ads more effective for advertisers.  The new format will include map integration, video content and product information within sponsored ads.

This latest announcement is just the latest in a string of improvements following the launch of Google’s universal search technology.  By adding YouTube video clips, Google Maps and other Google media to commercial ad listings, Google hopes to change up the look of their search ads and in turn, increase user response.

E-commerce sites can include individual product images and descriptions within ads; local advertisers may find maps particularly valuable.

The formats are all revealed upon clicking within a standard sponsored text link. Advertisers will pay on a cost-per-click, or a cost-per-view basis.

Yahoo unveiled similar features in February, allowing advertisers to include images, video and search functions within search ads.

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