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Search Re-Targeting: What It Is & How It Works

Search re-targeting is a type of behavioral targeting that gives you the ability to re-connect with your site visitors through advertisements that target them specifically on other web pages.  The ads appear on internet sites like news, social networking, blogs and information sites.

Most landing pages only convert 2-3% of the time.  Once those 98% of potential customer leave your site, you have a very slim chance of getting them back.  With re-targeting, your chances increase dramatically.

Re-targeting ads will appear to your “lost” customers when they surf their favorite sites.  The ads aren’t pop-ups; instead, they are ads that people would normally see when the visit a web page only this time they aren’t random ads – they’re targeted specifically in the right time at the right place for the lost customer.  Most internet users will recognize your company name or logo in the ad and respond, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

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