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SEO Copywriting: The Basics!

While search engine optimization involves many factors (navigation, linking, videos, local search listings, etc.), SEO copywriting is one of the best ways to start optimizing your website. Using a highly researched set of keywords, you can target both your human audience and search engines so that you can maximize the amount and quality of traffic you get on your site.

SEO copywriting is the art of writing text that is both search engine friendly and people friendly.  Many websites have informative, provocative sales and/or marketing copy (plain copy) on their websites, and that’s great for the people who are trying to learn more or buy.  Writing for search engines is slightly different.  The main difference between plain copy and SEO copy is keyword density, which, put simply, is how many times a keyword shows up on the page.

Sounds pretty simple… but it isn’t!  SEO copywriting can be very tricky.  Ideally, the copy should be easily read by humans while serving a dual purpose of incorporating keywords for search engines.  The copy still needs to be informative and be able to convert people into the intended activity (contact for free quote, buy now, download whitepaper, etc.).  SEO copy that does not read well can actually drive people away from your site!  The good news is that you can edit any copy for SEO just by incorporating keywords into select areas of the page.

So, whether you’re starting up your first website or you’re looking for a new strategy that will help you drive traffic and convert prospects, SEO copywriting is a great place to start!


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