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3 Good Reasons Why You Need a Website Sitemap

1. Organization. A sitemap should provide a complete overview of all of the pages on your site – it’s like an online hierarchy of your website. It makes it easy for you and the people responsible for adding to and maintaining the site to make decisions about where things need to go. From there, you can also quickly discern the relevance and accessibility of each page.

2. Navigation. Your sitemap should literally be a map of your site that visitors can easily read. When people come to your site, they may or may not get lost in thousands of pages. The sitemap is there to help them navigate to where they want to be with ease.

3. Optimization. A well-built sitemap can act as a map for search engines as well. You put a lot of time and effort into optimizing your site, but it’s all for nothing if search engines can’t find all of your pages. Search engine robots should be able to find every link and every page on your site just by scanning your sitemap. We encourage using an XML sitemap for this purpose.

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Lisa Burks (26 Posts)

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